Bleach: The Road to Paradise: A reformulation of Bleach, featuring a reworked, consistent power system. April 2017 – Present.


Falling Forever: A guy falls into a hole, and falls, and falls, and falls. May 2017.

Absolute Zero: A guy reaches the Pearly Gates with exactly zero points, and St. Peter doesn’t know where to send him. April 2017.

The End: A story-in-a-story-in-a- … . April 2017.

The Watcher: A watched pot never boils. He watches the ocean to protect all of humanity. March 2017.

Apprentice: A famed treasure hunter takes on an assistant. March 2017.

Queen of the Underworld: A supervillain in a world where superpowers come from doing good. November 2016.

Lost In Time: Someone gone without a trace?  I’ll find them for you. August 2016.

One Day Later: If a short-haul flight lasts forever, you might be getting kidnapped. August 2016.

Teeth: The tooth fairy is a lie. The truth is far more sinister. August 2016.