Bleach: The Road to Paradise

A Hollow kidnaps Karin, and Ichigo must become a Shinigami to save her. Meanwhile, conspiracies unfold in Soul Society…

An AU fic reworking the power system, unifying everything under a single, consistent set of underlying principles. Find out how and why Soul Society came about, the true origin of Hollows, and more.

Canon divergent, dark themes, violent, some minor OC.

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Act One:
Prologue: Ascension
Chapter 1: Death and Strawberry
Chapter 2: Welcome to Paradise


  • The story is (probably) accessible to readers completely new to Bleach, but familiarity with the canon would be of great help.
  • I generally conform with any Japanese, Spanish or German terms used in the original, however their meanings should also be clear from context.
  • Long sounds in Japanese are omitted. For example, Tōshirō is spelled out as Toshiro, because macrons are a hūge pain to type out.
  • While I have adhered to the source material as closely as possible, many minor and some major changes were necessary to let things make sense. As such, details true in canon should not be assumed to be automatically true here.